Global Business Strategy Course

Markstrat is a strategic marketing simulation that allows students to take over a fictional company. The goal is to achieve the highest Share Price Index than the other teams. SPI is earned by how well we produce and sell our products, which is highly dependent on how we price and market our products, anticipate the competitors' plans, and conduct research and development. 

Key Concepts


  • Manage established and emerging markets

  • Conduct market and competitor analysis

  • Learned market segmentation

  • Essential marketing tools

  • Research and development projects

  • Product portfolio launches

  • Manage brand portfolio for multiple products

  • Launch new products by positioning strategies

  • Sales and distribution strategies 

For 10 rounds spanning 4 short weeks, I worked with three other members to manage our company, NexxCom. We were in last place for the first few periods as we were too inexperienced with Markstrat. However, we gradually learned the best strategic practices to propel our company forward and create products our market segment were looking for. Eventually, we reached an SPI of almost 4,000; this is the highest number ever reached in our industry.

Feel free to take a look at our final presentation!