Computer-Aided Design Project



Laser-Cam Design Challenge


Design a two-cam mechanism that will trace a laser along the first letter of your name

Part 1: Path Tracing

Generated a list of (x,y) coordinates that trace out the first initial of my name. Plotted the coordinates versus i.  

Part 2: Cam Profile Generation

Wrote MATLAB script that generated a function that resulted in a laser-pointer position at any given rotation. Plotted cam-profiles.

Part 3: SolidWorks

Imported design to SolidWorks and laser cut the cams from profile generated.

The Cam in Action


CAD Competition


To create the lightest structure possible that can withstand a weight of 1 kg. 

3D printing a prototype

First prototype (6g). Changed the design so stress is less spread out and reduces buckling. 

After designing the prototype on Solidworks, I used topology optimization in ANSYS Workbench to create future iterations. It allowed me to find sections in the prototype that would not contribute to handling the load and therefore could be trimmed. Final product became 2.6 g in weight and was the third lightest structure in the competition.